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The case for containing, rather than blocking, ransomware

11 Oct 2023
The Future of Cyber Security Theatre
Most organizations have already invested and implemented strong layers of security but are still vulnerable to ransomware. Cybercriminals are constantly outsmarting even the most robust security solutions; evolving methods and behaviours make it impossible for traditional security vendors to prevent them. Endpoint protection is no longer enough. This session is essential if you wish to stay ahead of the ransomware threat. It will provide you with the following knowledge:
  • What is ransomware containment and how will it change my approach to stopping attacks?
  • How does a containment solution complement and enhance the investment I've already made in my security infrastructure?
  • How will containment make ransomware attacks an inconvenience rather than a major security operation?
Morten Gammelgard, Global EVP, Sales and Operations - BullWall


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