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Responsible Cyber

"This year's event was really fantastic…First of all, we have a wonderful opportunity to showcase how different we are as a company. In terms of visitors, we are very happy with the large groups of professionals coming to visit and ask us who we are and what we do. It was very important for us to not just focus on brand awareness but also leads that are relevant for us that fit our buying personas... and this is what we have found here in this event."

Managing Director & Co- Founder, Responsible Cyber

Halodata International

"This is a fantastic event; it is our 5th edition that we are participating in. With 5-shows-in-1 concept, it does a great job of bringing the right people in and there's been wonderful interactions. We met a CISO this morning who gave 30 minutes of his time to speak to us about ransomwear containment and we had real insightful discussions!"

CEO, Halodata International


"It is a really good event...The event has surpassed our expectations and it is nice to see full house on both days. Singapore is the heartbeat of global financial sector and it is important for us to be here, as part of our strategic expansion plan globally. What this event has done successfully is to consolidate different elements, demographics and audience in one place. This strategy clearly works; you do see a wonderful turnout here."

Director, CTM360


"What sets Tech Week Singapore apart is that it is the largest conference in Asia and a lot of delegates travel into Singapore specially for this event. It is definitely a good way to increase brand awareness and meet potential prospects at the same time."

Business Development Rep, Elastic

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