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05 Jul 2022

Become Cyber Resilient, Affordably

Become Cyber Resilient, Affordably
Become Cyber Resilient, Affordably

Building effective cyber resilience requires skills, budget, tools and strategy that not all companies have.

There are few prizes for getting it right, but the penalties for getting it wrong can include costly data breaches, significant disruption, heavy regulatory fines and severe reputational damage.

With cyber criminals becoming more sophisticated, IT Security teams are under pressure to build resilience without increasing budgets.

3 ways to build cyber resilience

1. Educate staff

Your employees are your number one risk – 78% of leaders believe employees have put data at risk accidentally in the past 12 months (SecurityMagazine, 2020). Security awareness training is perhaps the most essential service every IT Security team can deliver to the wider organisation.

2. Monitor your third parties and suppliers

60% of data breaches are caused by third parties’ and suppliers (IBM & Ponemon Institute, 2021). Since the average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million (IBM, 2021), failing to monitor your supply chain is a false economy.

3. Review your external security providers

The IT Security vendor landscape is constantly shifting, as disrupters emerge providing quality products for a fraction of the price. Organisations who aren’t regularly reviewing their providers put themselves as a disadvantage.

Thomas Murray offers an affordable solution for managing your cyber risk.

Our continuous monitoring of your network and weekly checks of your third parties/suppliers allows us to identify and resolve issues before they become a problem.



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