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07 Oct 2022

Cloud Security & FinOps Audit

Cloud Security & FinOps Audit

Digital transformation and Cloud migrations have accelerated drastically in the last few years and more than a few have encountered the following situations:​

  • My Public Cloud has been setup by a 3rd party vendor for my application,​
  • We have moved (too) quickly to Public Cloud,​
  • Our Cloud setup has been setup more than a year ago,​
  • I want to assess and strengthen my security before encountering a breach.

They are all related to the questions of Security, Cost Optimization and Cloud Best Practices implementations.​

  •  This Cloud Security & FinOps Audit is a 360° view of your Public Cloud setups, configurations, optimizations (architecture and financial) including Security issues that may pose a risk to your organization.​​
  •  We cover all Public Cloud implementations and all major Services!​​
  •  Get a report and a restitution meeting to discuss the findings!

Come meet our experts on booth C19!



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