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06 Oct 2023

A Conversation with François Moerman, CEO of XRATOR

XRATOR Stand: B30
A Conversation with François Moerman, CEO of XRATOR

A candid conversation highlighting XRATOR CEO's startup journey

Q1. As the founder, what are 3 key challenges you faced during the initial stages of your startup? 

Like any founder, I had my fair share of challenges during our startup's early days:

  • Crafting Independent Vision: When starting a company, you'll find that everyone wants to help, everyone has an opinion, and many offer to mentor. It becomes important to shape your own independent vision and welcome feedback that aligns with the direction you set for your company. 
  • Cybersecurity Market Complexity: The cybersecurity market is extremely crowded and inherently challenging. Building trust is essential, yet cybersecurity is often perceived as a necessary cost rather than an opportunity. Navigating this landscape, establishing credibility, and demonstrating the value of our solutions were significant hurdles. 
  • Communication and Perception: Cybersecurity, though crucial, isn't always the most captivating topic, especially for those not well-versed in the field. To overcome this, we had to effectively communicate the business impact of our solutions, translating technical details into terms that resonate with a broader audience. 


Q2. How did you overcome them to establish a strong foothold in the market? 

To establish a robust market presence, we would like to keep it simple. Independent decision-making, clear goal setting, and active customer listening allowed us to stay agile and responsive. Belief in our vision and team, coupled with resilience in the face of failures has guided our journey. 

And in a market where cybersecurity is often perceived as a cost, we centered our efforts on reliability. We aimed to demonstrate and generate value while simplifying our messaging. This approach has been instrumental in building a strong foothold in the industry. 


Q.3 What is your vision for the company? Do you mind sharing your goals for the next few years? 

My vision for the company aligns with the evolving landscape of cybersecurity. According to Gartner's prediction, by 2026, 70% of boards will include one member with cybersecurity expertise, * making it evident that cybersecurity is a critical need for businesses. Empowering leaders with effective tools for risk prevention and management is essential. 

In response to industry trends, our goal is to enhance our platform’s capabilities, demonstrating the business impact of inadequate cybersecurity and ensuring adaptability in siloed environments. XRATOR is dedicated to providing robust security, empowering decision-makers to protect the business amid evolving cyber threats. 

*Source: The Gartner Top Cybersecurity Predictions 2023-2024 


Q4. What advice would you give someone starting out in a startup? 

For someone embarking on the startup journey, my four short pieces of advice are straightforward: believe in your vision passionately, don't fear the competition, surround yourself with talented people who help you grow and share your passion, and most importantly, keep moving forward, even in the face of failures. Persistence is key.  



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