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05 Apr 2018

Ericom Software named in Gartner's Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation report

Isolation is a key preventative strategy in Gartner's Adaptive Security Architecture for attack protection, report states

Ericom Software named in Gartner's Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation report

Closter, N.J., (April 5, 2018) - Ericom Software, a global leader in securing and connecting the unified digital workspace, announced today that leading research and advisory company Gartner, Inc. cited Ericom Software as a Representative Remote Browser Provider in the March 2018 Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation report.

Ericom Shield leverages strong remote browser isolation technology to protect organizations against known and unknown web-borne threats including ransomware, drive-by downloads and zero-day attacks.

According to the report, "The very act of users browsing the internet and clicking on URL links opens the enterprise to significant risk...The public internet is a cesspool of attacks, many of which are delivered to enterprise users through the everyday act of browsing the web or clicking on a URL in email.” Yet, we feel that completely barring users from the internet is impractical at best.

Similarly, despite intensive internet safety training programs, human factor errors such as opening malicious links in emails and opening infected attachments are responsible for a great many attacks on enterprise systems. According to Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst Neil MacDonald, author of the report, "rather than delude ourselves that we can block all attacks, let's acknowledge and accept that some attacks will succeed no matter what we do…Instead, we must focus on containing the ability of the attacker to cause damage and reduce the surface area for attack.”

Gartner identifies remote browser isolation as a "key preventative strategy in [its] Adaptive Security Architecture for attack prevention.” The report further states, "Through 2022, organizations that isolate high-risk internet browsing and access to URLs in email will experience a 70% reduction in attacks that compromise end-user systems.” By effectively isolating endpoints from browser-executable code, it reduces attacks that compromise end-user systems by 70%, while eliminating the need to detect or identify malware.

In the report, Gartner recommends that security and risk management leaders operating and evolving cloud security "evaluate and pilot a remote browser solution in 2018 for specific high-risk users, such as finance, or use cases such as rendering email-based URLs, particularly if your organization is risk-averse.” The firm estimates that "by 2022, 25% of enterprises will adopt browser isolation techniques for some high-risk users and use cases, up from less than 1% in 2017.”

"We are proud that Gartner has recognized us as a Representative Remote Browser Isolation Provider,” said Joshua Behar, CEO of Ericom Software. "After carefully reviewing the evaluation criteria listed in the report for a Remote Browser Isolation solution,” adds Behar, "we strongly believe that Ericom Shield fully meets or exceeds the cited criteria, including clientless design that minimizes management burden, remote video rendering that prevents media-based attacks from being ‘passed through' in a video stream, and more.”

Ericom Shield also features a factory-integrated solution for scanning and disarming content before moving it from the internet onto enterprise systems is included with Ericom Shield at no additional cost and managed via the Ericom Shield console.”

Ericom Shield adds a transparent, powerful layer of protection to anti-virus, firewall and URL filtering solutions, without impacting usability or performance. Ericom will be demonstrating Ericom Shield at the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco at the company's booth (Booth 2519 in the South hall) from April 16-20.

For further reading please refer to the full report by Gartner, "Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation,” Neil MacDonald, 8 March 2018.

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Ericom is a global leader in securing and connecting the unified workspace. Ericom empowers today's connected workforce and the IT organizations that support them by securing and optimizing desktop, application, and web content delivery to any device, anywhere. Founded in 1993, Ericom provides enterprise-grade secure remote access and web security solutions to a global customer base of more than 30,000 midsize to Fortune 100 organizations. With a focus on application delivery, cloud enablement, and secure browsing, Ericom advances secure connectivity—providing end users with a superior work experience and optimizing enterprise productivity. With over 10 million end users, Ericom has offices in the United States, United Kingdom and EMEA and an extensive network of distributors and partners throughout North America, Europe, APAC, and Africa.


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