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18 Apr 2018

McAfee and Ericom Team up to Deliver Protected, Remote Isolated Web Browsing

Ericom Software, a global leader in securing and connecting the unified digital workspace, today announced the integration of Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) solution with?McAfee Web Gateway (MWG). The collaboration between Ericom and McAfee combines the latest advances in remote browsing technology with McAfee’s industry-leading web security solution to provide comprehensive protection against web-borne malware, ransomware and other threats, while ensuring safer and more productive web browsing,reducing the risk of human errors, malicious links and harmful downloads.

Deployed on-premises or in the cloud, MWG brings together web filtering, content inspection, antivirus, data loss prevention and other capabilities for enterprise scale web traffic protection. Working in concert with MWG, Ericom Shield adds another layer of defense-in-depth security to Internet web browsing by:

  • Accepting redirection of uncategorized and lesser-known websites from MWG using the Internet Content Adaption Protocol (ICAP) 
  • Executing these sites in an isolated virtual browser, remote from organizational networks, such that no active browser-executable code runs on the endpoint 
  • Launching a dedicated, hardened Linux container for each browsing session, which is destroyed shortly after the session ends or times out, preventing malware from persisting 
  • Obfuscating the web content as a visual stream that is safely displayed by the local browser via McAfee Web Gateway, for a transparent, interactive and more secure browsing experience


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