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11 Apr 2018

Ovum Places Ericom Shield “On the Radar” for Secure Browsing

Ovum singles out Ericom Shield’s centrally managed design, which requires “no on-browser or on-device software” as a key advantage of the solution. The report also highlights the pre-integrated content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) tools that are included in Ericom Shield, which sanitize files of potential malware before they are downloaded from the internet to endpoints.

“No business today can afford to restrict users’ access to online business systems and websites,” said Joshua Behar, CEO of Ericom Software. “Yet, the browsers that allow this access leave organizations highly vulnerable to malware attacks. We are proud that Ovum recognizes Ericom Shield as a solution that provides airtight, yet frictionless protection from browser-borne threats, while enabling ease-of-use, and seamless user experience for both users and security professionals, minimizing the risk of human errors.”

Key messages of the report include:

  • Stripped-down Linux container technology isolates every browsing session in its own hardened container, and is destroyed at the end of each session to prevent malware from persisting.
  • Clientless, proprietary best-in-class HTML5 technology eliminates the need to load software on end-user devices and makes deployment quick and simple.
  • Transparent user experience leverages standard local browser functionality, including bookmarks, cookies, clipboard, and printing facilities and maintains all normal user functionality.
  • Integrated file sanitization tools ensure that downloaded files are safe and potential malware has been removed before they’re passed on to users and endpoints.
  • Scalability and high availability (HA) features enable the technology to up-scale linearly and horizontally across multiple sites and in multi-server environments.
  • Compatibility with all HTML5 supporting browsers and devices, including Internet Explorer (IE10+), Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, and PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, Linux and other endpoint devices.

“Public and private organizations across all sectors of business are looking for better ways to protect their online presence and the sensitive information held in customer-facing business systems. The requirement is further compounded by the need to adhere to a raft of new and updated data protection and privacy regulations. Therefore, the case for isolation solutions, such as Ericom Shield, is being driven by the growing mix of security and regulatory requirements and by the recognition that more proactive, real-time protection solutions are needed,” said, Andrew Kellett, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum.

“On the Radar” is a series of research notes about vendors bringing innovative ideas, products or business models to their markets. Download the full report here: https://www.ericom.com/solutions/browser-isolation/ovum-on-the-radar-report/



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