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07 Sep 2023

Responsible Cyber Earns Distinctive License for Penetration Testing in Singapore, Reinforcing Its Leadership in Cybersecurity

Responsible Cyber with Immune Stand: E11
Responsible Cyber Earns Distinctive License for Penetration Testing in Singapore, Reinforcing Its Leadership in Cybersecurity

As cyber threats amplify, ensuring robust cybersecurity becomes paramount for businesses. Responsible Cyber, with its newly-acquired license, stands poised to be the beacon of trust, offering unparalleled penetration testing services that will fortify Singapore’s digital landscape.

Singapore, September 7th, 2023 — The burgeoning realm of cybersecurity witnesses yet another milestone as Responsible Cyber clinches the official license to provide Penetration Testing Services in Singapore. This recognition, stamped with License No: CS/PTS/C-2023-0413, underscores the company's unwavering commitment to championing top-tier cybersecurity norms.

In an era where cyber threats are not just frequent but also increasingly sophisticated, the onus to protect digital infrastructures has never been higher. Responsible Cyber, with its licensed stature, stands ready to usher Singaporean businesses into an era of fortified cybersecurity, safeguarding them against potential cyber adversities.

Given the escalating risks, businesses are now more inclined than ever to collaborate with licensed cybersecurity entities. This licensing not only guarantees stellar service quality but also assures clientele of partnering with a provider that adheres to the stringent regulations set by authoritative bodies.

Dr. Magda Chelly, the dynamic Managing Director of Responsible Cyber, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "Securing this license elevates our pledge to deliver unparalleled cybersecurity services. Our foremost aim remains to shield Singaporean enterprises, ensuring the safety of their digital assets and fortifying the faith of their associates. This achievement brings us one step closer to that vision.”

Opting for a licensed service provider, especially one as reputable as Responsible Cyber, ensures businesses access the pinnacle of cybersecurity trends, strategies, and potential threats, fortifying them against the evolving digital threat landscape.

This licensing further cements Responsible Cyber's esteemed stature, reflecting its consistent brilliance and unwavering commitment to enhancing cybersecurity in Singapore.

About Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd.:

Established in 2016 by industry luminaries Dr. Magda Chelly and Mikko Laaksonen, Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. anchors its roots in Singapore but boasts a global presence, with footprints in the UK, France, and Poland. Enjoying the patronage of esteemed shareholders like Singtel Innov8 and NUS Enterprise, the company stands as a torchbearer of cybersecurity innovation. Two of its groundbreaking AI-driven offerings, IMMUNE X-TPRM and IMMUNE GRC, exemplify its forward-thinking approach. While IMMUNE X-TPRM confronts modern third-party risk management complexities head-on, IMMUNE GRC elegantly simplifies governance, risk, and compliance procedures. Dive deeper into the world of Responsible Cyber by visiting www.responsible-cyber.com.



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