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04 Oct 2023

Why Software Alone Won’t Save You: The Critical Role of USB Port Security

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Why Software Alone Won’t Save You: The Critical Role of USB Port Security
Smartkeeper Port Locks Overview

The Impact of USB Port Security on Business Operations

You depend on USB ports and devices every day to get work done, but they also pose one of the biggest vulnerabilities to your network security. USBs can carry malware and infect an entire system, wreaking havoc on business operations.

Unauthorized USB usage leads to data breaches, risking sensitive customer and company information. According to a Honeywell study, USB-borne threats have skyrocketed over the past few years, and they now make up a sizable portion of cyber attacks.



The Hidden Threat: Unsecured USB Ports

Leaving USB ports open is like leaving your front door unlocked - you never know who might come in. Hackers frequently use infected USB drives to distribute malware, gain access to networks, and steal data. Once plugged in, malware can spread in seconds and wreak havoc.

Using unsecured USB ports for charging mobile devices or other purposes also introduces risk. You have no way of knowing what's on that USB cord or drive. It could contain viruses, Trojans, or other nasties just waiting to infect your system.

While software solutions are important, they alone won't save you. USB port security is a must. Smart USB protectors, like Smartkeeper, physically block unauthorized USB access, stopping threats before they start. They allow only approved and fully encrypted USB devices to connect, keeping your data, systems and company safe from the inside out.


The Damage to Business Continuity


When USB ports are left unprotected, the results can be devastating. Malware entering through USBs spreads rapidly and cripples systems, interrupting essential programs and services. This disruption ripples through the organization, impairing productivity and continuity.


The financial costs are also steep. Data breaches cost companies millions per year in recovery and reputational damages. For small-to-midsize businesses, the loss of critical systems for even a few hours can have major consequences.


With cybercriminals actively targeting USB ports, it's clear that software solutions alone are not enough. Businesses need comprehensive USB port security to lock down this vulnerability and safeguard operations. Solutions like SmartKeeper provide total USB port control, blocking unauthorized and infected devices to keep your systems and data protected.


While USBs boost productivity, they also increase your attack surface. With proactive management of USB port security, you can leverage the benefits of USB devices while eliminating the risks. Safeguard your systems, maintain business continuity, and avoid the high costs of disruption by making USB port security a priority.


Future-Proofing With Smartkeeper


With cyber threats around every corner, securing your USB ports is critical to protecting your data. Software solutions alone won’t cut it—you need physical safeguards in place. That’s where SmartKeeper comes in.


The Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Series


The Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Professional is the premier USB port blocker. This high-security device uses military-grade encryption to prevent unauthorized access via USB ports. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Smart Keeper Essential Series. This color-coded system makes it easy to block specific ports. If you only need to lock a port occasionally, the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Basic gets the job done. This simple but effective device physically blocks ports when not in use.


Stay One Step Ahead


With SmartKeeper guarding your ports, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe from Open Ports-based cyber threats. Hackers are always developing new ways to infiltrate systems and steal valuable information. Using multilayered security, including both software and hardware measures, is the only way to truly protect your data.

Don’t be caught off guard—invest in Physical security now with SmartKeeper. Safeguarding your open ports is a small price to pay for peace of mind and protection from cybercriminals looking to access your network.

Request a demo or connect with our experts directly to explore how Smartkeeper can fortify your defenses. Visit our website at www.newgenprotect.com to learn more.

Curious for more? Our dedicated Smartkeeper team is just a click away, ready to assist you.


Smartkeeper offers an affordable and hassle-free solution that doesn't require extensive IT expertise. With this intuitive device, you can effectively neutralize and prevent malicious malware, potentially saving your organization from significant financial losses.

Welcome to the New Generation of Protection. Make a smart choice with Acton - Smart Keeper.

Protect what truly matters. Be smart with Smart Keeper.



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