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Responsible Cyber with Immune

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  • | Compliance
  • | Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based risk management startup, with the registration number: 201616321C, established in 2016 by industry veterans Magda Chelly and Mikko Laaksonen. The company has a UK, France and Poland presence as of today. Its corporate shareholders include Singtel Innov8 and NUS Enterprise.

In today's hyper-connected world, organizations deal with intricate networks of clients, vendors, partners, and more, extending beyond just third parties. Each business relationship could potentially introduce risks. The answer to this challenge is IMMUNE X-TPRM, an AI-powered platform that helps manage ecosystem risks. It governs and monitors real-time data across various risk points (financial, ESG, cybersecurity), anticipates risk scenarios, recommends mitigations, and enhances compliance.

IMMUNE X-TPRM covers everything from third to fourth-party relationships and risk management. It streamlines ecosystem risk management, ensuring operational resilience, privacy, compliance, security, and performance with actionable insights.


56A Boat Quay
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  • Responsible Cyber, a luminary in cybersecurity, premieres IMMUNE X-TPRM – a game-changing third-party risk management solution. Pioneering a holistic approach, it promises a fusion of innovative tech ...
  • Responsible Cyber, an esteemed player in the cybersecurity arena, is delighted to announce its acquisition of an official license for Penetration Testing Services in Singapore. This accolade fortifies ...
  • Dr. Magda Chelly, co-founder and Managing Director of Responsible Cyber, shines bright as she earns a deserving place on the acclaimed SG100WIT list. Celebrated for her instrumental role in shaping Si ...
  • In an era where our very existence is intertwined with digital ecosystems, ensuring robust cyber security is no longer a luxury; it's an imperative. The past decade has witnessed a meteoric rise in cy ...
  • From its humble beginnings, Responsible Cyber has expanded its reach beyond Singapore. Today, the company has a presence in the United Kingdom, France, and Poland, further establishing its global foot ...
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