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07 Sep 2018

Speaker Interview: Always Stay Curious...

Leading up to Asia's largest and multi-award winning digital transformation event stack, we sat down with our speakers to find out what motivates and inspires them. They also shared the most striking experiences in their careers and how they make time for themselves amidst their busy schedules. 

Always Stay Curious...

When asked what's the most important quality one needs to excel in the tech industry and in their role, our speakers pointed to one quality - CURIOSITY. Having a 'hungry mind' motivates one to always keep looking for the next best thing - be it improving your day-to-day business, or creating a solution to anticipate an emerging market demand. 

Soeren Duvier, Managing Director, Asia, from Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA)

Soeren Duvier
Managing Director, Asia
Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA)

Soeren shares that although he sleeps well at night, he is often curious about what new and exciting things tomorrow may bring. He looks forward to seeing blockchain gaining traction and witnessing Bill Gates' predictions listed in his 1999 book "Business @ the Speed of Thought" coming true! The editor's curiosity is indeed piqued and now wants to get hold of a copy of this book! 

What is a typical day in office like for you?
I spend very little time in the office as I'm mostly out meeting people, learning, studying and explaining what BiTA do. Our organisation is one year old with some 3 months' presence in Asia.

Soeren will be speaking at the Smart IoT Theatre on 10 October on Blockchain in Logistics and Transportation. Click here to find out more on his session.  

Jabez Tan, Research Director, Data Centres at Structure Research

Jabez Tan
Research Director, Data Centres
Structure Research

Jabez lists three qualities he deems important: Being a good listener, asking thoughtful questions and last but not least, possessing a curious mind.

How do you recharge or make time for yourself?
I've always been into video games and e-sports since I was a kid and still play some to this day. This has translated in helping me figure out ways to be more efficient at what I do and trained my mind to think more strategically about the industry.

Jabez will be speaking at the Data Centre of the Future Keynote Theatre on 10 October on Global + Asia Pacific Data Centre Colocation Market Trends and he is a panellist of Edge Data Centre in Hyper Scale World. Click here to find out more on his sessions.

Alan Eldridge, Director of Sales Engineering APAC at Snowflake Computing

Alan Eldridge
Director of Sales Engineering APAC
Snowflake Computing 

Alan enthused, "Curiosity and a drive are needed to keep your knowledge up to date as things change so quickly in this industry." And he added, "Willingness to muck in and get things done is also of critical importance."

What are the last three emails in your inbox?
A customer having an issue connecting Tableau to their Snowflake environment. I used to work there and I guess you never really get to let go of your old allegiances. Travel plans for a new-hire in our team to attend bootcamp in the US. And an update to a Kickstarter project I have funded.

Alan will be speaking at the Big Data and Analytics Keynote Theatre on 11 October on Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse: All Your Data, All Your Users. Click here to find out more on his session.

Come and hear from Alan, Jabez, Soeren and over 500 expert speakers this October!

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