Why attend Smart Cybersecurity Summit 2024?

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Reality Check: Cyber Resilience in the AI Era

Your digital business assets are at risk from increasingly complex cyber threats assisted by advancing technology. Nearly half of businesses in Singapore encounter ransomware, phishing attacks, and cyber incidents.

You can protect your business by implementing strong cybersecurity strategies and robust solutions to ensure compliance, prevent reputational damage, minimise financial loss, and build customer trust.

With 99% of CISOs either following a cloud-first security strategy already or planning to adopt one, and a 9.8% annual growth in IT security spending, staying proactive is crucial. 

Your leadership and advocacy for cybersecurity can put a stop to harmful threat actors who threaten the digital world.

Join the Smart Cybersecurity Summit on 25th April 2024 at Marina Bay Sands where you will benefit from actionable advice and form strategies with top-class specialists who have tackled cybercrime and fostered a security-aware workforce.

Tickets to the Smart Cybersecurity Summit Singapore are completely complimentary; register today to see if you are eligible for a ticket.

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Be a part of the elite cybersecurity community

Step into a bespoke experience meticulously curated to address your business needs. The summit is an invite-only event exclusively tailored for C-level executives, senior decision-makers, IT and security professionals who are end users of technology.

Join the conversation

As the digital world continues to grow, so does the workload for cybersecurity professionals. While leveraging technology empowers businesses to make more informed decisions, ensuring security remains a formidable task.

Join fellow key decision-makers and the broader cybersecurity community to collectively address critical pain points and safeguard your organisation's data.

The Smart Cybersecurity Summit features two theatres, providing a comprehensive platform to explore the latest in threat intelligence, zero trust, and more.

Network with like-minded IT and Security Professionals

Foster connections that extend beyond traditional networking confines. In a landscape marked by dynamic threats, strategic collaboration is imperative for success. The relationships formed at the Smart Cybersecurity Summit act as pivotal catalysts, driving innovation and supporting business advancement.

Meet the world's leading cybersecurity providers

Immerse yourself in the world of digital protection and discover the best-of-breed technologies from leading technology providers delivering services and solutions critical to your cyber security.

“We have been able to engage in conversations with decision-makers who come here seeking solutions for their problems and have had great discussions about the best practices in their organisations.”

~Santhosh Narasimhamoorthy, Senior Technical Evangelist, ManageEngine

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