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Please be advised that there will be simultaneous interpretation provided in both Thai and English for your convenience. Kindly note that the conference programme is subject to change.


Theatre 1
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    Fixing DevSecOps
    How security is changing and how to ideally address it  The shift-left reality and how the solution didn't work The cost implications of a wrong security workflow How to make DevSecOps work, for real.
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    From Relentless Adversaries to Resilient Business
    As adversaries become more sophisticated and relentless, the global threat landscape continues to grow and evolve at an alarming rate. There are 200+ adversaries are actively targeting organizations a ...
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    Evolve your cybersecurity strategy : Work Anywhere, Secure Anytime
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    While nearly 40% organisations reported increasing cyber threats in 2022 with growingly sophisticated attacks, the rapidly-changing landscape of data legislation and localised rules are certainly heig ...
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    Realizing value from unified IT security and management platforms
  12. Theatre 1
    Taming the Cyber Vulnerability Chaos: Strategies to Improve Cyber Hygiene and Prevent Cyber Attacks
    Did you know that 80% of Cyber Attacks could have been prevented by just improving your cyber hygiene? However, it’s easier said than done, as cybersecurity teams are simply getting overloaded by incr ...
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    Incident Responder’s Diary:  Ransomware in the Field
    Ransomware is booming and now targeting all kinds of industries, including critical infrastructure, healthcare, and government. It can have devastating consequences, both for individuals and organizat ...
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    Aligning your cybersecurity strategy to Thailand's PDPA
    Along the financial losses, organisations also face a massive loss in reputation and trust when a data breach occurs. Hence, it's a wise course of action to look for methods to prevent any incidents f ...
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Theatre 2
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    SOC 101 - Trust No Files
  3. Theatre 2
    Rethinking Your SecOps Strategy
    Security teams often struggle with handling threats. They are not able to prioritise threats and vulnerabilities, resulting in businesses being left exposed. It has been found that 87% of organisation ...
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    Gain Control of Your Attack Surface with XDR and Identity
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    The 7 Benefits Of A Platform Approach To Exposure Management
  10. Theatre 2
    This session covers: Combating Ransomware attacks Prevention and prosecution: IT forensic skills AI and social media allow for easy content creation – are Copyright and Data Protection rules adequate? ...
  11. Theatre 2
    Owning Your Cybersecurity Mid-game Strategy
    The conventional approach for ransomware focuses on preventing initial access and relying on backup and recovery—but it hasn’t slowed the extortion menace. Unfortunately, prevention is an uphill battl ...
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    Smart Cities and Technologies : Securing through Unified Asset Intelligence
  14. Theatre 2
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    Exposure Management in Enterprise Security - Benchmarking your security posture
  16. Theatre 2
    As banks and financial services in Thailand continue to evolve and transform the way consumers interact with financial data and sensitive personal credentials, the need for heightened security is rein ...
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