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John Ellis

John Ellis

Chief Information Security Officer (Asia Pacific), BUPA
John Ellis, CISO for Bupa Asia Pacific, is a global security leader and executive with over 27 years of experience and a Masters in Cybersecurity, Strategy, and Diplomacy. He leads a diverse team committed to making Bupa the most trusted, digitally integrated Health Services organisation in the Asia-Pacific region. In his upcoming session, 'Pre-empting Security Challenges in Your Future Business: A Case Study in the Health Industry', John will explore the practical applications of scenario planning. This pivotal tool in cybersecurity allows for the alignment of security investments with strategic business objectives, healthcare industry advancements, and broader societal trends, all while navigating the complex, volatile landscape of geopolitics and cyberspace. His approach ensures robust defences in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Join his session for invaluable insights grounded in frontline cybersecurity experiences, equipping businesses to pre-empt future security challenges and adapt amidst the shifting currents of business, technology, and society.


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