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Lin Hsin Hsin

Lin Hsin Hsin

CTO, SpaceGraph™
Deeply rooted in mathematics, technology & art, anchor on Linux and Android, the interdisciplinary Lin straddles across domains: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber Security, & Data Science. In cyber security, Lin is a zero-day security researcher in AAI, Android, Biometrics, Browsers, MRZ & ePassports, RFID & Web3. Her notable hacks include a military grade biometric reader live hack performed during Interpol, 2017; and in Nov, Lin invented a paradigm shift encryption technology that is impervious to attacks. In Feb 2022, Lin PoC a generic hack in Blockchain ecosystem. Most Recently, Lin invented a QR-code shield Lin, a mathematician with 5 theorems, has defined 43 new equations in algebraic geometry, is an author of 75 books: 11 poetry books, 1 dictionary; several book chapters, dozens of academic papers, hardware & software product reviews. Lin delivers lectures across her domains, in universities & major technology conferences in Austria, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK & USA.


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