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Cyber Security World Asia presents three key theatres, delivering a place to strategise with leading experts on AI, DevSecOps, threat intelligence, zero trust, and more.

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Cyber Security World 2023 Keynote Theatre

Equip your business with the tools and knowledge to defend against rising cybersecurity threats.

Join leading C-Levels and strategists to tackle the biggest concerns in the industry, including:

  • How new technologies can be harnessed by criminals
  • Leveraging cutting-edge innovations to mitigate threats
  • Addressing cyber security skills shortages
  • Empowering a workforce of cyber security champions
  • Enabling DevSecOps in the workplace
  • Managing data sovereignty and governance challenges


2023 Cyber Security World Keynote Theatre

Across Asia, sophisticated cyber attacks are rising, from ransomware to state-sponsored espionage. From the SolarWinds hack to the Microsoft Exchange server breach, recent cyber incidents have shown that no organisation is immune. This has cast a spotlight on the critical importance of robust cyber defenses.

The Cyber Security World Keynote Theatre covers the complex landscape of cyber crime and welcomes industry experts to help business leaders prepare for the unexpected.

Esteemed speakers will cover crucial topics, including:

Understanding the Threat Landscape: This theme will provide an overview of the current state of cyber crime in Asia and beyond. You will learn from C-Levels and strategists about the importance of cyber readiness and the strategies used to ensure their organisations remain secure.

Exploring Groundbreaking Innovations: New technologies can pose new threats, but also bring opportunities to protect critical assets. Explore the dual nature of technological advancements and how they are changing the cyber security landscape. Find out how AI and machine learning are enhancing automated processes, the ways DevSecOps are reshaping development of secure software, how blockchain is securing transactions, and opportunities for unbreakable encryption through quantum cryptography.

Addressing Data Protection and Privacy: With data breaches and privacy concerns on the rise, this theme will delve into the strategies and technologies used for data protection, encryption, and maintaining privacy, as well as the legal and financial implications of data sovereignty.

Approaching Governance, Standards, and Training: Gain a stronger understanding on the importance of robust cybersecurity standards, leadership, and training, including how they can ensure consistent and effective responses to cyber threats.

Building Cyber Security Skills and Talent: As cyber threats become more sophisticated, it is vital to have a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to tackle them. This theme will discuss strategies for achieving security-first cultures, addressing skills shortages, developing and retaining talent, and upskilling existing staff.

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Learn More About These Unmissable Theatres


The Future of Cyber Security Theatre

Advancing technologies like AI could create unprecedented cyber threats. With Asia's digital economy growing exponentially, the region faces unique challenges like the higher prevalence of mobile and IoT devices, which can be vulnerable to attacks.

This is the essential destination for business leaders looking to navigate the evolving cyber threat landscape and future-proof their business by covering critical topics, including:

Embracing Zero Trust: This theme will focus on the best practices and principles in zero trust architecture, a security model that advocates 'never trust, always verify'. Learn from experienced leaders and practitioners about the journey towards implementing a self-sustained and constantly monitored zero trust environment.

Mitigating Legacy Infrastructure Risks: Many organisations still rely on legacy systems, which can present unique cyber security challenges. Explore the unique cybersecurity challenges posed by legacy infrastructure and the strategies to address them. You will learn how to secure these systems while forming migration plans to more secure and modern solutions. Speakers will share strategies in maintaining operational continuity, as well as preparing for the future.

Adopting Threat Intelligence: Understanding and anticipating potential attacks is paramount. Threat intelligence provides proactive knowledge about these threats, enabling organisations to fortify their defences. This theme will address the strategic role of threat intelligence in identifying, analysing, and combating cyber threats. Explore how AI and machine learning contribute to threat detection and the importance of understanding threat actors and their tactics in bolstering an organisation's cyber security efforts.

Establishing Incident Reporting and Response: Effective incident response can mean the difference between a minor security event and a major data breach. This theme focuses on the tools, strategies, and methodologies for effective incident reporting and response. Audiences will learn how to establish processes that minimise damage, expedite recovery, and gain valuable lessons from security incidents.

Architecting for the Future: Cyber security must adapt in parallel with the evolving digital world. Here, you will explore the future cyber security architecture, integrating emerging technologies, and designing resilient systems that are adaptable to new threats. Experts will provide a roadmap to the future, ensuring organisations remain one step ahead of potential threat actors.

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Cyber Security Innovations Theatre

Your businesses is only as strong as its weakest links. From the rise of deepfakes to the proliferation of ransomware attacks, the cybersecurity challenges facing businesses in Asia and beyond are growing more complex. Innovation is the key to staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape and bolstering your defences.

The Cyber Security Innovations Theatre brings together end-users and cyber security pioneers to share emerging best practices and tools that are revolutionising the cyber security landscape.

In the face of rapid technological and regulatory changes, the following themes will help attendees develop effective IT security and risk management strategies to support digital transformation:

Achieving Cyber Resilience: The true measure of an organisation's cybersecurity posture is not just in its defense, but its ability to bounce back after an attack. This theme focuses on enabling organisations to recover swiftly and effectively from cyber incidents. Explore how to build robust systems and processes that ensure continuity, and hear lessons learned from real-life cyber security incidents.

Exploring the Art of Ethical Hacking: By simulating real-world attacks, vulnerabilities can be identified and remediated before they can be exploited. Audiences will hear the latest techniques used to identify and exploit weaknesses in an effort to bolster security measures.

Understanding the Human Factor: Employees are often the weakest link in the cyber security chain. This theme addresses issues such as insider threats, social engineering, and the need for comprehensive security awareness training. Explore how to foster a culture of cyber security awareness where team every member plays a role in collective defense.

Showcasing Innovations: Hear exciting rapid-fire pitches from cyber security leaders presenting groundbreaking solutions and ideas. This is a platform for startups, established companies, and researchers to share their latest technologies and strategies in a fast-paced and engaging format.

Applying Advanced Technologies in Cyber Security: Emerging technologies are revolutionising cyber security. Experience the cutting-edge developments in AI, blockchain, and quantum computing. Learn how AI and machine learning are being utilised for advanced threat detection, the role of blockchain in ensuring data integrity, and how quantum computing could disrupt traditional encryption methods.

Discovering the Threats, Protecting Your Business: Take a look at tools and strategies used for constant system monitoring, timely incident reporting, and effective threat response. See how Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), intrusion detection and prevention, and endpoint detection and response systems ensure a robust and proactive cyber security posture.

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