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Track: Upgrade Your Cybersecurity Framework

With the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, the journey of cybersecurity teams towards establishing the right system of standards and best practices to safeguard their organisation is fraught with challenges. What are the important considerations that CISOs need to make when planning, building, and maintaining their security programs, while helping their organisation meet their unique business objectives and compliance requirements? Adaptability and agility are vital in the face of volatile and vulnerable cyber environments where cyber criminals constantly seek to outsmart their victims. Rediscover how to effectively manage and upgrade your security programs from cybersecurity leaders and experts and set up the ultimate defence.

Track: Detect, Respond, and Apply Lessons Learned

Often times, we view prevention as being better than the cure but, in cybersecurity, both can be treated as equally important. Cybersecurity teams must implement the right software to detect threats and also be absolutely response-ready at any given time when there is a security breach to minimise the damages done to the organisation. The software and protocols also have to evolve as threats become more insidious. Developments in A.I. for cybersecurity and more education for non-security employees in an organisation are some of the proactive steps for dealing with malicious adversaries. Transform your security capabilities today with expert guidance and case studies from leading cybersecurity leaders and make threat detection and response a cornerstone of your security strategy.

Track: Understand the Cybersecurity Trend

As the world continues to grow increasingly agile and hyper-connected, and with ongoing shifts in our work environments, cyber attacks are also set to be on the rise. How can cybersecurity leaders and teams future-proof their security strategies against increasingly sophisticated security threats? Gain fresh insights into the latest trends and innovations in the cyber landscape to get ahead of opportunistic attackers.

Track: Implement an Agile Cybersecurity Program

In the age of fast and continuous delivery, adopting agile principles in cybersecurity has become an imperative rather than a want. CISOs who constantly stand at the crossroads of safeguarding their organisation's assets and needing to be more responsive to business needs will require more efficient and dynamic environments to pave the way for a successful cybersecurity program. Jumpstart your agile cybersecurity program with perspectives from industry leaders, and lock in a winning strategy against competitors and threat actors.  


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